We declare now officially: the cartoon is created.

4 May 2021. The animated film “Slowns”, based on the book of the same name by Igor Shurov, acquaints viewers with the life, holidays and everyday life, habits, and traditions of fictional eccentric creatures – slowns, who live happily on the shore of the Crystal Sea, in the city that they call themselves Verkhniy Makedonsk.

The author is at the same time a poet, an artist, and a storyteller, and also a kind, educated, and intelligent person. Only such a person could come up with the bright world of slowns, who are, in fact, in many ways similar to their author. Shurov is not only the author of stories but also of drawings for them.

What only does not happen in the world of slowns! Light bulbs stick out directly from the sky, cocoa grows on trees immediately in cups, chameleons fly at the speed of spaceships, records are released to be free, letters to aliens are written in the evenings, and symphonies of oink-major are composed in their free time. And all this is all under the supervision of the great and the wise Nose, who loves to stick his nose into other people’s affairs and stories. And he has the right since he invented all this …
Slowns are not elephants. And this is essential. Their name comes from the word “slow”, because the slowns are in no hurry, and in moments of contemplation they completely freeze into sculptures (yes, in the literal sense).
Slowns wear white stockings and hats, even in bed. They adore cocoa, understand art, and like to surprise you with a tricky question. They enjoy breaking stereotypes and pushing the boundaries of what is understandable. With them, it is good to fantasize, dream and have fun. They are somewhat similar to us because we are all a little bit slowns. Especially when we feel good, and when we are happy.
Director – Oleh Fedchenko
Producer – Yulia Radostina
Voiced by the actors: Serhiy Severin, Ivan Rozin, Evhen Malukha.
The cartoon was produced by LLC “Kinokompaniya 2016” with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency.