“Colors of the Rainbow” at the VHS Forum in Münster, Germany

December, 2018
The year 2018 was a fruitful year for the artist Igor Shurov – he has got three exhibitions in Germany.
A few months after the exhibition at the Klinik Maria Frieden Telgte, the VHS Forum Münster gallery welcomed the works of the Ukrainian artist. The exhibition “Colors of the Rainbow” lasted from 10/29/2018 to 12/02/2018.

Visitors were presented with large works of the master, made with paints on canvas, as well as small pastel drawings in A4 format. The exhibition opened in the evening. The guests enjoyed the creative works of Igor Shurov and personal communication with the artist. Since the gallery is located in the city center, there were many visitors to the exhibition, some of them left their comments in a special magazine of the gallery.
City newspapers wrote warmly about this cultural event. Special thanks to the organizers of the exhibition Svitlana Passon and Manfred Passon
The next exhibition will take place in Berlin.