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“The Wandering Poet on a Little Stool” heads towards readers!

“The Wandering Poet on a Little Stool” heads towards readers!

Right on Saint Nicholas Day, December 6, 2023, a new book by Ihor Shurov, “The Wandering Poet on a Little Stool” has been released. Readers who have been following Ihor Shurov’s Facebook page over the past years, surely remember the adventures of this character adorned with the author’s graphics.
The book is lively and intriguing – a wonderful gift for the New Year holidays. The wandering poet is a great master at finding himself in unusual situations. He can confidently call composer Verdi or set sail into the sea on a boat with Captain Nemo, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Sailor Popeye. He easily fulfills his dreams and desires: whether it’s riding on a swallow, composing the opera “Aida,” or exhibiting his sculpture at the Berlin Biennale… We thank our friends who have been waiting for this book and now have the opportunity to flip through its pages. Thanks to everyone who supported and contributed to getting the book to the readers. We are very grateful to the Ukrainian poet Petro Korobchuk for his creative translation. We invite you all to read it!

The DieWerse Kunsttour art tour

The DieWerse Kunsttour art tour

The DieWerse Kunsttour art tour on July 8-9, 2023 (Münster, Germany) offered guests an introduction to the paintings, sculptures, and works of art of 18 artists. Visitors in families and companies moved from one location to another by bicycle.

The Union “Ukrainische Sprache und Kultur in Münster e.V.” exhibited the works of Ukrainian artists Nataliia Iordan, Ihor Shurov, Vasyl Yolokhov, Ihor Nekrakha.

An interesting creative program was prepared by Ukrainian enthusiasts for the guests of the DieWerse Kunsttour art tour. It was possible to meet and chat with artists and treat yourself to goodies and drinks.

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Exhibition of paintings in the synagogue of Münster

On 9 November 2022, a large gathering dedicated to the Holocaust, the genocide of the Jewish people during World War II, took place in the synagogue of the city of Munster (Germany). The Holocaust killed approximately 6 million Jews between 1933 and 1945. Other ethnic and social communities, who were persecuted and killed by the Nazis for belonging to these communities (Roma, homosexuals, Freemasons, the terminally ill, etc.), are also usually perceived as victims of the Holocaust.
The organisers of the meeting asked the Union of Ukrainian Language and Culture in Munster to organise an exhibition of Ukrainian artists’ works. Natalia Iordan from Kharkiv and Ihor Shurov from Kyiv submitted their works. The works of Ukrainian artists received favourable reviews from visitors to the exhibition.

Exhibition of paintings in the Stadtwerke gallery in Münster, Germany.

Exhibition of paintings in the Stadtwerke gallery in Münster, Germany.

On 17 October 2022, a charity exhibition and sale of works by Ukrainian artists opened in Munster. The Stadtwerke Gallery presented the works of two artists who were forced to leave their native Ukraine at the outbreak of the terrible war and ended up in Munster – Natalia Jordan (Kharkiv) and Ihor Shurov (Kyiv). Natalia managed to rescue and take out a few more paintings by two other Kharkiv artists, Ihor Nekraha and Vasyl Yolokhov, which are also now on display in the gallery. A total of twenty paintings and twenty pastel works are on display.
The exhibition is entitled Das Meer der Ukraine (The Sea of Ukraine) and aims to support fellow artists who have remained in Ukraine.
The exhibition of Ukrainian artists’ works is an attempt to show the everyday, peaceful Ukraine that Ukrainians miss immensely and are desperately fighting for. Ironically, it was through the bloody and destructive war that the world began to discover the real Ukraine, which has a SEA of warmth, kindness and light.
The exhibition will run until 14 November 2022. Address: Hafenplatz 1.

Exhibition of paintings in the medical center “Am Spreeboden” (Berlin, 2021)

Lockdown with its own rules and restrictions has changed the life of each of us. It would seem like a retreat to all creative plans. But still, we managed to implement one long-standing creative idea. The management of the Berlin clinic “Am Spreeboden” wished to place the paintings of the artist Igor Shurov in this medical center for a certain period to delight the visitors of the center with creativity. At the moment, the exhibition is open, and Berliners have the opportunity to admire the bright work of the Ukrainian artist Igor Shurov.
Thanks to the organizer of the creative event Michael Saposchnikow.

We declare now officially: the cartoon is created.

4 May 2021. The animated film “Slowns”, based on the book of the same name by Igor Shurov, acquaints viewers with the life, holidays and everyday life, habits, and traditions of fictional eccentric creatures – slowns, who live happily on the shore of the Crystal Sea, in the city that they call themselves Verkhniy Makedonsk.

The author is at the same time a poet, an artist, and a storyteller, and also a kind, educated, and intelligent person. Only such a person could come up with the bright world of slowns, who are, in fact, in many ways similar to their author. Shurov is not only the author of stories but also of drawings for them.
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“Colors of the Rainbow” at the VHS Forum in Münster, Germany

December, 2018
The year 2018 was a fruitful year for the artist Igor Shurov – he has got three exhibitions in Germany.
A few months after the exhibition at the Klinik Maria Frieden Telgte, the VHS Forum Münster gallery welcomed the works of the Ukrainian artist. The exhibition “Colors of the Rainbow” lasted from 10/29/2018 to 12/02/2018. Continue reading ““Colors of the Rainbow” at the VHS Forum in Münster, Germany”