“The Wandering Poet on a Little Stool” heads towards readers!

Right on Saint Nicholas Day, December 6, 2023, a new book by Ihor Shurov, “The Wandering Poet on a Little Stool” has been released. Readers who have been following Ihor Shurov’s Facebook page over the past years, surely remember the adventures of this character adorned with the author’s graphics.
The book is lively and intriguing – a wonderful gift for the New Year holidays. The wandering poet is a great master at finding himself in unusual situations. He can confidently call composer Verdi or set sail into the sea on a boat with Captain Nemo, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Sailor Popeye. He easily fulfills his dreams and desires: whether it’s riding on a swallow, composing the opera “Aida,” or exhibiting his sculpture at the Berlin Biennale… We thank our friends who have been waiting for this book and now have the opportunity to flip through its pages. Thanks to everyone who supported and contributed to getting the book to the readers. We are very grateful to the Ukrainian poet Petro Korobchuk for his creative translation. We invite you all to read it!