Exhibition of paintings in the Stadtwerke gallery in Münster, Germany.

On 17 October 2022, a charity exhibition and sale of works by Ukrainian artists opened in Munster. The Stadtwerke Gallery presented the works of two artists who were forced to leave their native Ukraine at the outbreak of the terrible war and ended up in Munster – Natalia Jordan (Kharkiv) and Ihor Shurov (Kyiv). Natalia managed to rescue and take out a few more paintings by two other Kharkiv artists, Ihor Nekraha and Vasyl Yolokhov, which are also now on display in the gallery. A total of twenty paintings and twenty pastel works are on display.
The exhibition is entitled Das Meer der Ukraine (The Sea of Ukraine) and aims to support fellow artists who have remained in Ukraine.
The exhibition of Ukrainian artists’ works is an attempt to show the everyday, peaceful Ukraine that Ukrainians miss immensely and are desperately fighting for. Ironically, it was through the bloody and destructive war that the world began to discover the real Ukraine, which has a SEA of warmth, kindness and light.
The exhibition will run until 14 November 2022. Address: Hafenplatz 1.