The DieWerse Kunsttour art tour

The DieWerse Kunsttour art tour on July 8-9, 2023 (Münster, Germany) offered guests an introduction to the paintings, sculptures, and works of art of 18 artists. Visitors in families and companies moved from one location to another by bicycle.

The Union “Ukrainische Sprache und Kultur in Münster e.V.” exhibited the works of Ukrainian artists Nataliia Iordan, Ihor Shurov, Vasyl Yolokhov, Ihor Nekrakha.

An interesting creative program was prepared by Ukrainian enthusiasts for the guests of the DieWerse Kunsttour art tour. It was possible to meet and chat with artists and treat yourself to goodies and drinks.

On the occasion of the new edition of Ihor Shurov’s book «Slowns», there was a speech in German, and a master class was held, where everyone could make and paint a Slown.

Also, for the guests of the exhibition, children from the “Birds” ensemble danced and the Ukrainian choir “Chervona Kalyna” sang.

An unforgettable creative atmosphere, wonderful children’s works, and pleasant memories will remain with us for a long time! We will be happy to see you again!