The new edition of Ihor Shurov’s book «Slowns»

Finally, the dream of Ihor Shurov and his readers came true: a book about the Slowns was published in Ukrainian!

The translator is Alla Hutseva

Publishing house – “Globus-Press”, director Tamara Trubnikova

Executive producer – Nataliia Buzhynetska

We express our sincere gratitude for helping us publish this book to our friend Naum Barulia

The first edition of the book in the original language and presentation at The International Book Arsenal Festival took place in the far and silent year of 2017, (ArtHuss publishing house).

These are incredible, funny, but at the same time very poignant stories about weird creatures of Slowns. The book is for both adults and children, with the author’s illustrations.

According to Ihor Shurov, “This book is a wonderful heating pad and the most powerful destroyer of boredom and sadness in the world. Beats them head on!”.

The book about the Slowns will greatly delight people with a sense of humor, aesthetes persons, and erudites.

We wish you a happy reading!

About the author:

Ihor Shurov is a poet, artist, and storyteller. The author of stories about strange creatures Slowns from Horishniy Makedonsk, as well as drawings of them.

Member of the Association of Ukrainian Writers, author of 5 books (poetry and prose).

In 2019, the script based on the book about Slowns became the leader of the national animation competition with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency, and in February 2021, the creative group “Film Company 2016” completed the production of the animation film which became a participant in numerous international festivals.